Saturday, August 9, 2008

Coming up on a year!

Wow, I cannot believe it Luke and I have been together for 11 months! We met last September 15, and today is August 9. It really does not feel like it has been almost a year. In this year we have really grown together in our relationship. We have traveled a bit and now I am living with him. We have been to San Diego, Washington D.C. the beach, and...we will be heading back to San Diego for his brother wedding at the end of August. Also in this year we have hosted Christmas at our house with Luke's parents and my father and his girlfriend in attendance. As well as Luke meeting most of the LARGE step-family of mine unexpecteantly. I do hope to get some pictures posted soon, since most of you have never met Luke.

The 1st Date!

There isn't a lot to tell about the first date. We had dinner at a local Italian restaurant in Gainesville. I had too much wine and don't remember a lot of the date. Fortunally that didn't affect the way that Luke felt and did want to see me again. Thank Goodness!!!