Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sorry to leave you hanging...

It's has been awhile and I am sorry to those who have been wondering where we are in our infertility.  Well...I am not pregnant, sad to say.  However we are still working on it. :-)  

After getting a negative result from our first IVF cycle I delved into everything IVF and how I could increase my chances.  I learned about a procedure called Arvigo Mayan Massage and learned of some other natural remedies to help my egg quality, among other things.  I also confirmed my suspensions that exercise and my diet helps.

So in the past few months I have started taking all of this...
Royal Jelly, CoQ10, a Tincture from the Arvigo Mayan Massage therapist, Wheat Grass, AND a prescription from my fertility doctor to get me to ovulate. I have also received the Arvigo Mayan Massage and continued my self care daily as directed by the massage therapist. I have also tried to increase my fruits and vegetables of a certain nature believed to help certain parts of fertility. The last part of my therapy is Castor Oil packs. Which consist of soaking wool flannel in Castor Oil and then placing it on my abdomen for an hour three times a day, once a month.  It is believed Castor Oil has lots of healing properties when soaked up through the skin.  On a side note Castor Oil packs have other healing properties of many other ailments such as pain.

Going back to the prescription meds for ovulation.  My cycles are long, which means I ovulate late, which is because something is out of balance which causes my luteal phase to be longer than it should. Thus possibly causing some or all of my infertility.  The acupuncture and Chinese Herbs are hopefully working to correct this imbalance.  Everything else is also hoping to help correct this imbalance, but will also help when we do IVF again. IF...I don't get pregnant naturally before then ;-)

And to the IVF, we have decided to take a break until July.  Why? Mainly to get me through the rest of the school year and to let the acupuncture and Chinese herbs do their thing.  With the hope to get me as healthy as possible and my body ready to accept a pregnancy.

As always we continue to pray and ask that you do too.  A big thank you to all who continue to support and pray for us.