Saturday, June 14, 2008

How our story began.

How our story began:
Her side: It was September 15, 2007, the day of the Auburn/Mississippi State football game. We met at the bucket shop. I had just moved to the Atlanta area (Gainesville to be exact) a month earlier. I didn't know anyone except my cousin, however he is a Georgia fan and would not dare go watch an Auburn football game with me, unless they were playing Georgia. As everyone knows I am a pretty hard core Auburn fan, who is completely devoted and loyal to Auburn and especially Auburn football!
Being new to the area, of course I wanted to meet people. Anyone that I may possibly hang out with. I certainly wasn't looking to "meet" anyone and I definitely was not looking for love. That day I was more concerned with watching the Tigers play some good football. Knowing that most Auburn Alumni are loyal fans and that Auburn had a great following I found out where the Atlanta Auburn Alumni Club met to watch Auburn football. The Bucket Shop.
Let me set the scene for you. When you walk into the Bucket Shop you can either go straight with the bar next to you, or you can turn left and walk around the bar. When you walk around the bar there is outdoor seating to your left and straight ahead is a big open room with a bunch of T.Vs., tables and chairs. I walked outside to find a place to sit and hopefully a friendly face who wouldn't mind if I joined them so I wouldn't have to sit alone. When I walked out Ryan who was perpendicular to me saw me and said, "You look lost." Which of course prompted Luke to turn around (his back was to me) to see who Ryan was talking to. "No, I replied. I am exactly where I want to be, I am just new to the area and do not know anyone." Ryan and another guy who was sitting at another table in unison said, "You can sit with us/me." The other guy was waiting on some other friends. Not wanting to have to choose and hurt any one's feelings I said "OK" and took a chair and sat between Luke and Ryan's table and the other guys table. As it turned out Luke and Ryan were better conversationalist than the other guy. Soon after I moved to join Luke and Ryan at their table. Sitting next to Ryan, to be able to see the T.V. and across from Luke.
As the game progressed Luke and I talked a lot. Now, don't ask me what we talked about I was a bit tipsy, but I do remember talking about the show "My Boys". That in fact is how he got me to come over to his house. Eventually Ryan went to the bathroom and I moved to his seat to be able to talk to Luke more easily. I know you must be thinking to yourself why in the world I went to two boys house that I just met. The only reason I did it was because I knew they had another roommate who was a girl and my cousin continually checked up on me via cell phone.
I hung out with all 3 of the them the rest of the day, and before I left that night Luke asked me on our 1st date. Which was the following Tuesday.
His side: Pretty much the beginning is the same. Ryan saw me, told me I looked lost, invited me to join them and that is where the similarities end. In Luke's memory I sat with the other guy. He also thinks that the reason I sat next to Ryan is because I was more interested in Ryan. I have since told him, though I don't know if he believes me, I sat there because if I sat next to him then my back would be to the T.V. and I would not be able to see the game. Or I would have my back to him and would not be able to talk to him.
Again, he agrees that we talked and talked pretty much non-stop. However I did not find this out until about a month ago... remember we talked about the show "My Boys"? In that conversation he told me he had the season finale recorded on his DVR and that I should come over and watch it. What he didn't tell me in that conversation was that he didn't watch the show and it was his roommate Brooke who recorded it, not him. Now don't think he is a down right liar, he had seen a few episodes while watching it with Brooke, it just wasn't a show he would watch on his own. This was in fact, his plan to get me to come over to his house. It worked!!
Why he thought I liked him: I have a twitch in my hand, and my hand randomly will twitch. Appartently while sitting on the couch with my hand on the arm rest and Luke sitting in the recliner next to the couch my hand had a case of the "twitch". He took this as a sign that I wanted him to hold my hand. He promptly took my hand. I did not resist. I being oblivious to the "twitch" thought he just wanted to hold my hand. I guess thank God for the "twitch".
The rest of the account is the same. He walked me out to my car, where standing in his driveway he told me he would like to see me again and asked me if I would like to have dinner with him.

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