Monday, August 6, 2012

Going Gluten Free

I am going Gluten Free...or at least I am going to give it my darndest try at it!  Before you judge, I am not hopping onto the latest band wagon, "cool" thing to do.  I am doing it all in the name of my fertility.  In the past couple of days I have read several articles linking Gluten and infertility, and the latest one linking Gluten to miscarriage. After having two miscarriages the obvious thing to do is to cut the Gluten. Going Gluten fee honestly isn't any different from my fertility diet that I need to be following anyway.  The only difference?  I have to cut out my beloved bread :-( ...a resounding BOO HOO!!!  I LOVE bread, I mean when they say man cannot live off of bread and water alone...uh hum, they had not met me. That is how strong my love affair with bread is.  This also means that my go to dinner when Luke is traveling, cereal, is also a no, no.  This also makes me want to shed a few tears.  Especially since there is a huge box of Lucky Charms sitting in my pantry just calling my name.

The good side of Gluten free...I should experience more energy, if I am Gluten intolerant, and of course a healthy pregnancy.  I still get to eat my most favorite chip from Costco (Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips) as it is Gluten free and chalk full of healthy ingredients.  My most loved snack, Chobani yogurt is Gluten free, and the humus that I eat with my beloved chips from Costco are also Gluten free!

So now I will be eating more beans and lentils, 100% corn tortillas, fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk and lean protein.  Isn't that how all of us should be eating anyway?  Kind of makes you wonder...

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