Monday, January 16, 2012

Acupuncture and Herbal Tea

I have been wanting to write about my acupuncture appointments and the herbal tea, but have been putting it off, because I wanted to get a picture of the tea. So it seems I can't remember to get that picture, so I decided to go ahead and blog about and hope to give you picture later. Why is the picture so important you ask? Ohhh because you cannot understand how WONDERFUL it is without seeing it. More on that later.

My first acupuncture appointment was pretty uneventful. It was a lot of talking about my history and everything we had gone through thus far and about only 15 minutes of actual treatment. My second appointment was an hour or so of treatment where I fell asleep and felt very relaxed afterward. My acupuncturist also gave me my first helping of my own personal herbal "tea". Tea is in quotation because you can hardly call it tea that we are use to. It's about 4 oz and it is not a tea you sip or enjoy. You shoot it and take it with a chaser. It looks like baby poop, and well, taste like you might imagine baby poop would taste. It isn't pleasant AT ALL and I get the great joy of drinking it three times a day! If I come out of this pregnant, then it will so be worth it and I will quickly forget the horrible taste.

My third appointment was the beginning of my IVF treatment. They do something totally different the 5 weeks leading up to egg retrieval. I was on my stomach and he put a couple of needles near my ankles and a couple on each of my caves. He also put a few on my back. He then attached electric probes on the needles to give extra stimulation. He would turn it to my uncomfortable point and then turn it down slightly. I laid there for about 15 minutes before he came back in and did the same thing, because you get desensitized to the feeling. I again laid there for an additional 15 minutes and I was done. Every appointment will be the same from here on out until egg implantation. The evening before egg implantation I will go in and they will do a special treatment and a hour after my egg implantation I will go back to have another special treatment.

Here's praying to all of this working and a successful IVF procedure and having a baby in 9-10 months!

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Farrah Westerholm said...

I'm praying for a "twitch" in your belly. GOD telling you he is there with you and Luke!! Love you guys!!