Friday, January 27, 2012

Yum, yum, you know you want some???

As promised, I have finally taken some pictures of the most wonderful Chinese herbal "tea". It's honestly hard to tell how disgusting this stuff looks from the pictures, but really it looks like dirt, smells like dirt, and well...taste like dirt. I actually believe there is dirt in in, haha.
The tea in its package and in the glass that I "shoot" it in. Here you can not quite capture the essence of the tea and how disgusting it looks, smells and taste. But I promise it is disgusting!

In this photo it kind of looks like strong coffee with a bit of cream. At first it kind of taste like that, and then it hits you. The best comparison I can give it is the Beverly Coke that you can taste at the World of Coke. For most of the Atlantians out there, you know how bad that taste. This is worse!

Now, who said that they wanted some???

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