Monday, February 13, 2012

Embryo transfer day!

Today was embryo transfer day. Though it was scheduled for 10:30 our day started a lot earlier. We had to be at Buckhead Acupuncture for my pre-transfer session at 8:45. This session didn't get started till almost 9 because we had to wait for confirmation that we were in fact transferring today. Once we got verification we went ahead as planned which kept us very short on time. Fortunately the distance between Buckhead Acupuncture and RBA's main office is only about 10 miles, a 12 minute drive. When the session was over we immediately headed for RBA for the transfer, AND then back to Buckhead Acupuncture for the post-transfer session.

The actual transfer process was very interesting. Got there with an extremely full bladder, per doctors orders. The transfer is ultra sound guided and the full bladder helps them to see the uterus better. Luckily Dr. Slayden (our doctor) was the on call doctor today and he actually got to perform the procedure. Once in the room I had to undress from the waist down and then laid down on the table. When I laid down I faced a tv screen that had a picture of our 3 embryos. Dr. Slayden came in and discussed what he thought about what we had, and we then waited for the embryologist. Once the embryologist came in he and Dr. Slayden discussed both together and with us what they thought was the best scenario for us. We had 1 embryo that had developed to 8 cells, and 2 embryos that had developed to 4 cells. What did we/they decide? To transfer both the 8 celled embryo, and 1 of the 4 cell embryos. The remaining embryo...we are waiting to see if it will develop anymore, and if so we will freeze that one. We pray that it continues to grow. Go little embryo, go!

Currently I have an 8 celled embryo and a 4 celled embryo that are hopefully strong enough to keep growing and dividing, now that they are inside of me, and will attach themselves to my uterus. On Friday, February 24 I will head back to RBA to get a pregnancy test. As always we are praying for our precious embryos, that the Lord's will be done and the best thing for us will happen.
Left ovary with some follicles.
Right ovary with follicles.
Our 3 embryos!

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Lana said...

Just said a prayer for y'all again. Been thinking about ya!