Sunday, February 12, 2012

We may have a transfer!

The date and time has been set tomorrow at 10:30 to transfer my embryos. Providing all three zygotes turned into embryos. They have not looked at them today so as to not disturb them while growing, if they look good and strong tomorrow morning they will postpone the transfer till Wednesday. I will know some time before 10:00. So while we are hoping for the procedure to be postponed I am praying that the Lord's will be done. Only He knows what is best and the plan he has for us. Something I realized yesterday after balling my eyes out...I really need to be grateful for the fact that 1. We have 3 fertilized eggs ( some couples get none) 2. that Luke and I have the ability both financially and physically to do this. (There are some, who don't even get this chance). I have also learned that this is a test of our Faith and probably our Strength and that He does have a plan for us and that the plan that He has set forth is the BEST one for us. Good things come to those who wait. So while I have learned and realized this, it definitely does not make it any easier. I do pray that His will be done and that at the very least, that our 3 zygotes turned into the strongest, healthiest embryos known to date!

As always, thanks for your continued prayers!

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