Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The wait is over!

Whether it was the acupuncture or nature that got things flowing, I don't know and frankly don't care. The important things is we are well on our way to an egg retrieval. Aunt Flow made her appearance on Sunday and on Monday I gave myself my first hormone shot. This of course after a scare that we may not be able to move forward because they found a cyst on my left ovary at my suppression appointment that was not there before. It was potentially another blow, but we prevailed and all was good. Got the call Tuesday we were good to go...Yay!

Here we are on day three of my hormone shots and day two of my new herbal "tea". Just when I thought the taste could not get any did. That's ok though, anything to have a successful IVF treatment...right? In approximately 12-14 days from Monday we will have an egg retrieval! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers all continues to go well.

A special thanks to all of our friends and family for all of the prayers throughout this year as we have gone through this process. A very special thanks to God for providing us with the financial means to be able to do all of this and all the many blessings He has given us, even if at times they didn't seem like blessings. Looking back I now know they were blessings and that there is a reason for everything and the timing just wasn't right.


cassy11 said...

Continuing to pray!

Sue said...

Praying for you guys...